unhappy hipsters

Check out this blog that adds melancholy captions to images from Dwell magazine featuring moody hipsters in their modernist homes. Quite funny.

Lying on his back, watching the passing clouds, he worried over the Nathaniel Hawthorne lookalike’s role in this grim threesome.
(Photo: CĂ©line Clanet; Dwell, November 2009)

Everyone always leaves.
(Dwell, April 2009)


YIN yang

This lovely lady is surely in touch with her masculine side, but apparently I'm not. I've just started rereading Gabrielle Roth's Sweat Your Prayers , a book that has been on my book shelf for the last 10 years. This is a book I discovered through my friend Robin during my electronic music stage (aka raves) in my early twenties. It is a frankly sexual book that explores ecstatic dance through archetypes, the first two being feminine and masculine, flowing and staccato respectively. After reading her descriptions of these archetypes and their relationship to masculine and feminine qualities I discovered how strongly feminine I am.

This comes as a bit of a shock; I've always considered my strong independent streak as a sign of masculinity. Friends and lovers have protested by saying I'm very soft and feminine, but I've dismissed them. Roth describes femininity as awareness, inspiration and substance and masculinity as action, discipline and form. I'm sorely lacking in the energy I need to accomplish things in the real world. I have paintings in my head that never take shape. I let a recent love be completely careless with me as I patiently excused his behavior due to his circumstance rather than standing up for what I needed. I'm leaving for Central America on savings that should have gone into my RRSP.

Of the three masculine archetypes Roth describes, 'Father' is most absent within me. I need a Daddy that will march in and tell me to clean my room, forget about any guy who doesn't mean it, finish my 5 year plan and get my ass in the studio and paint. I need a firm hand and some tough love. And by 'Daddy' I'm talking about a part of myself that needs developing, not someone I need to attract. Can I develop this side of me by dancing? It sure is fun so lets see where it goes. Now I just need to put down the book and do the practice...

(Images via the Sartorialist and The Hindu )



My little adventure is fast approaching (15 days!) and since I'm flying into Cancun and making my way down the coast to Belize, my first stop is in Tulum, Mexico. I spent a day here with my dear friend Jenn when I was in Mexico last April and was astounded by the paradise we found along the beach road below the famous seaside Mayan ruins. 10 km of stunning beaches fronted by mostly thatch roofed cabanas and very small hotels; this stretch is completely off the grid. Several resorts are candlelight only while others have electricity during set hours from generators, solar panels and wind turbines. My day trip was filled with delightful moments and the place felt really powerful- I've been itching to get back. I've heard rumours of development- possibly a nearby airport and a cruise ship dock- and want to spend some quality time there in the meantime.

My first night is booked at Copal part of Ecotulum. This place features cabanas on a jungle cliff overlooking the beach and doesn't have electricity. It's also clothing optional, but I'm a bit on the shy side and am traveling solo, so I won't be jumping on that train. I've heard the place has really good vibes and is close to everything, I've also been told to expect wildlife- geckoes, iguanas and crabs- in the cabana. Regardless, I'm excited for the experience. I'm spending 2 additional nights in Tulum that I haven't booked yet, so I'm open to suggestions!

While in Tulum I also hope to explore cenotes , rent a bike and check out ruins at nearby Coba , do morning yoga on the beach, eat lots of yummy Mexican food, lounge in hammocks, do a tetzamul (traditional Mayan sweat lodge) and spend lots of time on the beach reading, sketching and stargazing... then I'm off on a long bus ride to Caye Caulker in Belize where I hope to check out the reggae vibes and take it real slow.



 Happy New Year! A bit late, yes I know. I just realized I hadn't posted in a month! I guess I'm an all or nothing kind of girl- after posting every day for 4 months. January always seems to take the winds out of my sails and Halifax has been unusually sun-less this year. I'm staying out of the depths with light therapy and St. John's Wort, but I'm still very withdrawn, with not a lot to say at the moment. 

I've booked a trip to Mexico and Belize for February and I'm very excited for a big jolt of sunlight.
3 weeks! I'll try to keep you filled in on my travel plans. I'm backpacking down the coast of Mexico to Belize where I'm meeting up with a group for a conference and 10-day tour of land planning and environmental education practices in Belize. I'm happy about the combination of lounging and learning.

So I hope once these winter blues pass, I'll be back on my blog swing. I really enjoy doing a daily post, but I'm not going to force it at the moment, rather seeing where it goes...
Hope to see you again soon!

(photo via sfgbb )