bok choi beginnings

I uprooted my bok choi today, as it had bolted. I meant to post these photos a while ago, when the garden had first taken off. Now they've been harvested and replaced with heirloom tomatoes.

I've started a 2nd sewing of the purple variety. Hopefully it's not too late...

lady birds

Snap of lady bugs on the sweet cicely at my community garden's communal herb garden. Apparently these little ladies have been scarce the last couple of years. The garden was practically teeming with them as they feasted on aphids so perhaps the pesticide bans are helping to bring back the pollinators and other beneficial insects.


my new bed!

Ok so not mine yet, but I have to find a way to get this bed! (via Lake Jane )


test tube trend

I'm really digging this test tube storage trend. My herbs and spices desperately need organization and that spice rack would be perfect. Honey by Bee Raw and Dean & Deluca spice rack. 

Oh wait, I just found this DIY test tube tutorial on Apartment Therapy .


diy outdoor lighting

I love the industrial/DIY/adaptive reuse of this garden lighting . I spotted it on DigginFood , my new favorite blog. It features delightful posts on gardening and eating. I am especially taken with the creative use of such unusual veggie parts as kale buds and garlic scapes. Check it out.