Perfect Date

The always adorable Emily from cupcakes and cashmere playing scrabble alfresco.


Home grown

I've been gardening with the Gorsebrook Community Garden in 
Halifax this summer, and it's been a lot of fun, as well as a 
great way to keep the fresh veggies coming.

I've been 'gardening' since I could walk. But I'm fairly 
new to vegetable gardening. I'll keep you updated on the garden's 
progress, the challenges of gardening and I'll share recipes as they 

After a stressful day at the office, I find the garden very relaxing.
As cranky as I often am when I start, I always leave in a good mood.
And as it turns out, the garden has been a great place to meet guys!


Passionate kisses

{spotted on lake jane}

I've never been a big fan of weddings, but recently the writer of my favorite blog, lake jane, got married. She's taken me through the planning of her wedding and shared the details of some pretty cool weddings. I'm hooked. I'm particularly hooked on swooning kisses, sub-tree weddings and unconventional wedding attire.

I have a huge weak spot for men in scarves...



I looked up while sitting in the Halifax Public Gardens into 
the canopy of a horse chestnut and was stunned by this 
beautiful pin-wheel design created by the silhouette of 
leaves against the evening sky.

This reminds me of the stick-on wall decals that are popular 
right now. Although, much lovelier, of course!


Apartment Therapy

I'm a big fan of Apartment Therapy and am currently following 
their 8-week home cure. It's my 3rd attempt and I've just 
finished week 1. I'll be deep-cleaning, re-arranging, and purging. 
Here's some pics of my place 1 week in.

I've got a fun place to work with, but It could definitely use some help!


Yellow Shoes

Believe it or not, but I just made my first online shopping purchase. 
I've been wanting a pair of yellow flats to punch up my mostly grey 
and black wardrobe, and Aldo's yellow and tan faloia will do just that. 

I've also noticed brides sporting yellow shoes...
(spotted of lake jane)


My first post...

I've recently been enticed into the world of blogging 
by a friend  "You're the type of girl I'd expect to have
 a blog". So here it goes. 

I'll share my daily excitables, my experiences of 
being a young land architect in the real world, 
the challenges of decorating a small loft apartment 
and maybe the occasional juicy personal tid-bit.
I'll try to keep it short and sweet.
I'm happy to have you along.