Happy New Year! A bit late, yes I know. I just realized I hadn't posted in a month! I guess I'm an all or nothing kind of girl- after posting every day for 4 months. January always seems to take the winds out of my sails and Halifax has been unusually sun-less this year. I'm staying out of the depths with light therapy and St. John's Wort, but I'm still very withdrawn, with not a lot to say at the moment. 

I've booked a trip to Mexico and Belize for February and I'm very excited for a big jolt of sunlight.
3 weeks! I'll try to keep you filled in on my travel plans. I'm backpacking down the coast of Mexico to Belize where I'm meeting up with a group for a conference and 10-day tour of land planning and environmental education practices in Belize. I'm happy about the combination of lounging and learning.

So I hope once these winter blues pass, I'll be back on my blog swing. I really enjoy doing a daily post, but I'm not going to force it at the moment, rather seeing where it goes...
Hope to see you again soon!

(photo via sfgbb )

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