Site-specific studio

I think I was initially intrigued by this photo, not because of the converted Airstream, but because I so long for a backyard garden. I clicked my way through to the original article and actually read it (something I don't always do, as easy as it is to be seduced by pretty pictures). Mid-way through the article I discover the owner/author of the piece is a landscape architect searching for a little more meaning. Don't you love those moments of synchronicity? 

Andreas Stavropoulos, converted this 1959 Airstream trailor into his home and portable studio. He camps out at the site in the conceptual stage to get a feel for the place and its many variables. He's looking for a solution to what he feels is ...

'... the lack of connection between the LAND and the ARCHITECT. Whereas landscape architects once spent significant time on the site, the profession now finds some of the most creative minds shoehorned into cubicles. This seemed like a loss to me, and I wondered how it might be possible to create a space for real understanding within the profession—the kind of understanding that occurs from seeing a day of shadows move across a place, or listening to and observing people in a space.'

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