Andrea Cochran: Landscapes

One of my favorite Landscape Architects has recently published a book, Andrea Cochran: Landscapes . I first came upon Cochran's work as a student. The powerful simplicity of her work was exactly what I was struggling to achieve in my designs. I contacted Cochran's studio in San Fransisco with hope of an internship, but true to her regional preferences, they hire locally.

While minimalism can often be cold, Cochran's designs are emotional, evoking feelings of peace, strength and grace. Through her innovative use of  materials, regional sensibility, and adept sense of space she creates places that are beautiful, functional and socially and ecologically sustainable. Cochran has mastered the art of '... as simple as it is, but no simpler'. 

Needless to say... I love her work. When I'm feeling disenchanted with my own designs, looking through her projects motivates and inspires. {via Landscape+Urbanism }

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  1. Who was the photorapher for this book?