existential crisis #334

So I'll admit that I seem to be hardwired to ponder the meaning of things. The long cold nights that make me want to snuggle in at home are getting a bit heavy and perhaps providing way too much time to my thoughts. Maybe I'm just not getting enough sun...

Regardless, just days ago (my last post), I was feeling thankful for being in such a great line of work and now I'm questioning it all. Is this what I'm meant to do? I don't feel like I'm using my talents. How might I bring those talents to the table? Would I be happier elsewhere? Where? 

I'm mid trip planning and I'm wondering- Am I running away? Will time away help me figure this out? How the hell am I going to pull this off?

Do the long nights of December bring on your dark nights of the soul?

(photo via Bliss )

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