cold frame balcony gardening

I'm about to undertake a little experiment that has the potential to provide me with fresh herbs and greens throughout the winter. A cold frame is like a mini-greenhouse. It's a bottomless box with a hinged glass top. Usually this would sit over in-ground plants. I'm reluctant to leave this at my community garden, so I'm giving it a go on my 4th floor balcony. It won't be as well insulated, but as I've said this is an experiment and I've lined the bottom with newspapers, which will hopefully provide insulation while still allowing drainage.

All of the plants below I've either moved from my balcony or re-potted from the garden. From top left corner, clockwise: chives, cilantro, flat and curly-leaf parsley, bok-choy, swiss chard, parsley, arugula, mustard greens, spinach, kale and red-leaf lettuce. Wish me luck and I'd love tips if you've got 'em.

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