Science of attraction

I've always been fascinated by what makes people attracted to one another. Maybe because I've always had friends who are great guys, attractive and would make awesome boyfriends but the thought off kissing them leaves me completely cold. A lot of girls seem to have a best guy friend who is completely into them, whose attention they adore, but who they are just not into romantically.

This study could explain why. I've seen several articles discussing it this week and was fascinated when I read about the basic premise years ago in Psychology Today : Woman are attracted to men with different immune systems than them for better gene selection. Pregnant women are attracted to men with similar immune systems, protective, brotherly types. The Pill stops ovulation and simulates pregnancy in woman, therefore women on the pill are attracted to different men than they ordinarily would be. 


This study suggests:

- Women on the pill are attracted to more feminine men with similar immune systems and weaker genes.
- When women go off the pill, women are often less attracted to their partners.
- Men are more attracted to ovulating females, therefore women on the pill may be less attractive to men.

When I read about this in Psychology Today, the author suggested  women who were engaged and on the pill, take a break from it before getting married to test the attraction response. I find this all fascinating. Make up your own mind- read the study or these articles by Dan Savage and the Globe and Mail .

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