Vata season

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The Ayurvedic system of health makes a lot of sense to me (may because when I read the description for Vata it was bang-on me). To explain it simply, there are 3 main energies- Kapha, Pitta and Vata, and everything- people, seasons, food- has a dominant energy. You can determine your constitutional type here. As we transition from summer to fall we are going from Pitta (hot and moist) to Vata (cool and windy). This can be a difficult time for some people leading to restlessness, fatigue and insomnia, and it sets the stage for your winter health (viruses, arthritis, SAD). Here are a few tips to keep your balance moving into Fall:
  • Switch from summer meals like cold salads to warm, freshly-cooked, oily foods like soups, curries and stewed fruits.
  • Alternate periods of rest with activity. We are the only species that doesn't slow down from summer into fall.
  • Establish routine in your life- regular mealtimes, bedtimes and work activity/breaks.
  • Take time for reflection
  • Exercise moderately, without overexertion.
  • Oil your skin. This is very important for balancing Vata. A full-body warm oil massage, with a partner or self, before a shower is relaxing and grounding.

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So I really need to follow my own advice. I hope these tips lead you into a happy and healthy fall!

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